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Welcome to Venus In Scorpio we are a uk based suppliers of decorative works of art and sculptures. So if you are looking for a unique Birthday or Christmas gift or just something for that special occasion like mothers day or a wedding present then take a look at our site.

We at Venus In Scorpio have a varied range of art products like Driftwood Mirrors, Mermaids Bathroom Products, Candle Holders, Alien Art, Suns, Moons and other interesting and unusual products.

We Have various artists work on our website working with different mediums like Ceramics, Wood, Metal, Paint and many more techniques. Please feel free to browse our site, whether it is a gift for someone special or just something for you home, we hopefully have what you are looking for. Also if you are a Artist in any of the following Categories which are:- Original Art, Art Nouveau, Ceramic Art, Decorative Art, Fine Art, Modern Art, Sculptured Art, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

At Venus In Scorpio we only charge our artists commission based on products sold through our website. Therefore there is no charge for advertising your art work with us. Our artists are fully covered if item/s are lost/damaged/stolen.

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