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Artists Profile and Introduction

Growing up in Liverpool, I would haunt the surrounding woodland to feed my fascination for beautiful natural objects. I'd collect everything from wood, gorgeous fungi to snails shells and skulls and create sculptures with them. I later moved to the south coast (Worthing) for 11 years, and there I became addicted to beach combing.

I Developed a passion for driftwood, seaweeds and animal body parts, anything the tide brought in which was visually interesting and unusual. As well as working with organic objects I've also worked with plaster and clay for most of my life. I'm in love with "Art Nouveau" and also "Gothic" and "Celtic Art", most of my work is heavily influenced be it. I have supplied many of my works to shops in the past.

My first exhibition was part of the first Arundel Festival in 1998 and I've also done numerous commissions one including a seven foot alien for a night club since moving back to liverpool in 2000, I've had two exhibitions and supplied various shops with my work. The advantage of being self taught is that you can develop your own style without being restrained. Artist Profile 2004.

It would be fair to say my artistic skills could be written on a postage stamp but I have always liked my friends work, so when the opportunity presented itself to sell her work and hopefully others like her I formed this website called

Online website trading is not new to me as I already own a successful football programmes football site for football enthusiasts called which has been running for over two years now and is doing well.

We at Venus In Scorpio are looking to incorporate more up and coming artists from around the UK and the world and for a small commission we will sell your art on our site and also deliver the art to the customer(please read our Terms and Conditions Section, if you have any interesting art product(s) that you think you could sell via our website then please contact us via the contact us button or feel free to give us a ring.

Frank Jones 2004.


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